Gifting Loose Diamonds

Diamonds may be one of the most coveted and classic gifts of love and devotion that exist, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow convention when presenting these stones as a gift. The LA Diamond District is filled with premade jewelry pieces that make spectacularly beautiful offerings, but they also have a full range of loose diamonds that can create unexpected and astonishing gifts.

Choosing Loose Diamonds in the LA Diamond District

When you purchase a loose diamond as a gift you are allowing yourself ultimate control over the quality of the precious stone and the final piece of jewelry. This is because you have the opportunity to carefully select the stone that meets your specifications. Before you head into Downtown Los Angeles jewelry stores looking for the perfect loose diamond it may benefit you to do some research to make the process easier. Just as you would if you were shopping for a piece of already made jewelry, you must consider the specifics of the stone—primarily the four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

The selection available, as well as the price, of loose diamonds in the LA Diamond District will be largely dependent on the details that you choose. It is possible to find loose diamonds in a wide variety of appearances and qualities, though it may be more difficult to locate the ideal loose stone in a fancy color or a special shape cut so you may wish to call the jeweler ahead of time to inquire if they commonly keep such stones in stock. Once you have found those that do carry the style of stone that you want you can visit them and select the exact loose diamond you would like to offer.

Gifting Loose Diamonds

There is no one occasion that is appropriate for diamonds. You could create a reason any day of the year to offer someone you love a loose diamond. Of course, engagements and anniversaries are popular choices. Imagine her surprise when instead of giving her a ring or a pendant you offer her a loose diamond that you selected specifically for her. Perhaps it is in a color that has special meaning to her, or is cut in a shape that she has pointed out. You may even wish to offer her several stones so that she can create a more dramatic piece of jewelry. This also provides you the opportunity to offer a gift on several occasions, perhaps building up to the final largest stone to accompany your proposal.

Returning to Jewelry Stores in Downtown Los Angeles for a Setting

Once you have surprised her with the loose diamond that you chose for her give her an even greater treat by whisking her to the LA Diamond District so she can design a piece of jewelry around the special stones. The expert jewelers can help her to choose what type of jewelry she would like, and which style would not only complement her, but those cherished loose diamonds that will provide deep meaning for the rest of her life.

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