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Premium Diamonds − Hand-Selected by Us, Cultivated for You

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To us, every diamond is precious. Knowing how significant your diamond purchase is for you and your loved one, we ensure we will always have a superior selection for you to choose from. That's why we hand-pick each evertrue lab-cultivated diamond to meet our premium quality standards.

a jewelry craftsman selecting a diamond

Hand Selected: The Process of Choosing evertrue Diamonds

Because lab-cultivated diamonds are genuine diamonds, formed under the same conditions as those that are harvested from rock, evertrue stones are subject to the same natural color and clarity impurities. Accordingly, our in-house team of GIA-certified experts must inspect each evertrue diamond before it ever reaches our customers.

a jewelry craftsman vetting a diamond

Unlike other lab-cultivated brands, evertrue diamonds are not bought sight unseen on a mass scale. Our trusted wholesalers provide Icing On The Ring with a selection of loose diamonds. We sift through them to find those stones pristine enough to uphold the evertrue name. Competitors simply provide an electronic inventory list with thousands of unvetted stones, many of which may vary in color, clarity, shape, and size when seen in person. That's just not our style.

a jewelry craftsman examining a diamond ring

Our time-consuming and meticulous process allows us to showcase the cream of the crop — leaving behind tinted or blemished stones in favor of the most precious and brilliant of diamonds. These are the rare pieces that make it to our showroom and into your hands.

How Does Quality Differ From Mined Diamonds?

The two most critical qualities to analyze are color and clarity. Earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds share a scale for determining color hues and impurities, but those that are cultivated in a laboratory environment often have a slightly blue tint and feature natural imperfections made from particles present at the time of forming. Though many of these 'blemishes' are not noticeable to the naked eye, we deeply assess the quality and consistency of each stone − microscopically studying the diamond. This ensures that your evertrue diamond is of the highest quality.

lab grown diamond
Lab-Grown diamond
  • Grown in a lab setting

  • Process still produces impurities similar to earth mined diamonds

  • Example: evertrue

earth mined diamond
Earth-mined diamond
  • Dug out of the earth

  • Contains impurities due to mother nature's process of diamond crystal formation

  • Example: IOTR Loose Diamond Collection

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Icing On The Ring and GIA

When a bar is set, we strive to exceed it. As such, each member of our team has completed GIA training to become Certified Gemologists and we only purchase diamonds from GIA-certified wholesalers.

Every diamond in the evertrue collection is GIA-certified, providing you with the ultimate comfort and confidence that your selection has met rigorous standards for purity and aesthetic quality. With each evertrue diamond comes a GIA certificate number to prove authenticity and the opportunity to laser-inscribe the stone with its unique number.

So why sell evertrue lab-cultivated diamonds along with earth-mined and alternative options? Simple. We want our customers to have as many choices as possible. When it comes to selecting the perfect diamond ring, we live by a few principles: no compromises and no settling for less than perfection.

What is gia?

The Gemological Institute of America, or the GIA, is an unbiased professional nonprofit organization, dedicated to sharing knowledge and standard for diamonds, pearls, and colored stones. The GIA sets standards for diamonds, like the 4C's — an industry-wide grading system assessing the color, clarity, cut, and carat of a diamond.

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From the meticulous process of selection to the GIA certificates of authenticity, evertrue diamonds stand for timeless and unparalleled quality — a premium option for those seeking affordable luxury without compromise.

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