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Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry

Explore the richness of color and texture in the unique design of out fashion jewelry collections.


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The Bloom Collection

Complete the look with a matching set. Diamond or moissanite pendants and earrings are the perfect addition to any Tacori ring and make perfect wedding party gifts.

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The Encore Collection

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  • Crescent Embrace Chalcedony Fashion Earrings (SE24503)

    These fantastic cushion-cut chalcedony gemstones are a classic pair, a vintage design with an elegantly modern touch. This pair of Tacori earrings display the lilac colored gemstones bezel set in delicate silver, lovingly embraced by beautiful milgrain...

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  • Crescent Embrace Sky-Blue Topaz Fashion Earrings (SE24502)

    Cushion cut Sky Blue Topaz gemstones are bezel set in delicate silver with beautiful milgrain and crescent details.

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  • Crescent Embrace Amethyst Fashion Earrings (SE24501)

    The Crescent Embrace collection is all about showing off your vibrant personality and distinct individualistic sense of style. With the floral aesthetic of the purple amethyst shining to the utmost highest degree on this delicate pair of Tacori studs;...

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  • Crescent Embrace Neo-Turquoise Fashion Earrings (SE15505)

    Maybe her eyes are sparkling blue, maybe your favorite memories take place next to a peaceful river, or maybe she simply loves the color blue; whatever the reasoning, this pair of Neo-Turquoise earrings are a thoughtful addition to her jewelry box...

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  • Crescent Embrace Amethyst Fashion Earrings (SE15501)

    Lovingly crafted with intricate detail, these amethyst drop earrings from Tacori are guaranteed to bring a dazzling smile to the lucky lady who receives them. The crescent engraved silver teardrops frame the incandescent beauty of the gemstones as they...

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  • Gemma Bloom London Blue Topaz Fashion Earrings (SE15433)

    The deep blue featured on these Gemma Bloom earrings speak of the depths of the ocean with a certain, known familiarity. London blue topaz gemstones have an unbelievable amount of depth and dimension whose complexities are seen initially at first glance...

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  • Crescent Embrace Hematite Fashion Earrings (SE154Y32)

    Born to stand out and yet, fit together with any silhouette imaginable; the Gemma Bloom collection is specially cultivated for the versatile woman within you. The deep hematite jewels are elaborate one-of-a-kind gemstones. This type of gemstone is very...

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  • Gemma Bloom Smokey Quartz Fashion Earrings (SE154Y17)

    Allowing the earth tones to show their natural beauty, this pair of smokey quartz earrings is the perfect way to display how gently the sands of time pass while you two are together. Stunning radiance exudes from these earrings in their 18k gold setting,...

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  • Gemma Bloom Olive Quartz Fashion Earrings (SE154Y10)

    What makes these Gemma Bloom earrings stand out amongst the rest is the spotlight of unique, dark, and brooding gemstones. These olive quartz gemstones are multi-dimensional and deep in their configuration allowing the vivacity of the precious metal they...

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  • Crescent Embrace Sky Blue Topaz Fashion Ring (SR23102)

    Be the frosted ice queen you were destined to be with this sparkling, glasslike Tacori Crescent Embrace fashion ring. The cushion-cut sky blue topaz is mesmerizingly stunning and as transparent as water. The gemstone is set in an immaculate silver bezel...

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  • Crescent Embrace Rose Amethyst Fashion Ring (SR23113)

    Tacori designs are so iconic and famous within the Los Angeles Jewelry District; one can distinguish the intricacies of this incredible Crescent Embrace ring from miles away. The substantially sized purple rose amethyst is jaw-droppingly beautiful in...

    Starting at: $350
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  • Crescent Embrace Petite Prasiolite Fashion Bracelet (SB22312)

    Yearning to stand out from the crowd with your individualistic sense of style? Tacori tastemakers only make jewelry for a complete refined, sophisticated aesthetic produced only for you. The pale green prasiolite featured on this special bracelet is just...

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