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Designer Collections

From earrings to necklaces, our designer collection of fashion jewelry will be sure to dazzle for any occasion.

Designer Collections
  • Crescent Embrace Amethyst Fashion Bracelet (SB16601)

    Whether a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, this Crescent Embrace bracelet is a staple in any accessories collection. Featuring a purple amethyst whose hues are delicate and feminine, this gemstone speaks volumes with its cut and...

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  • Gemma Bloom Bold Neo-Turquoise Fashion Necklace (SN14105)

    Unusual, distinct, and shocking silhouettes are a Tacori specialty at the Los Angeles Jewelry District and this Gemma Bloom necklace is no exception. What makes the neo-turquoise gemstone so special is the asymmetrical cut and the faint glimmer of a...

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  • Gemma Bloom Hematite Fashion Necklace (SN141Y32)

    Unlike previous vibrant collections curated by Tacori, this Gemma Bloom necklace features dark, bewitching facets of its gemstone not likely to be seen on anyone else. The black hematite is featured on a silver chain, yet the bezel setting is composed of...

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  • Gemma Bloom Olive Quartz Fashion Necklace (SN141Y10)

    Natural, effortless, and divine; all characteristics of the green-hued olive quartz gemstone presented on this effervescent pendant with depths and breadth of an all-natural blooming forest. Reminiscent and completely symbolic of the immaculate beauty of...

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  • Crescent Crown Amethyst Fashion Necklace (SN204P01)

    The meshing of two precious metals to create a dual aesthetic is pure magic by Tacori tastemakers. The marrying of the silver and 18k rose gold metals plummeting into the deep heart of the purple amethyst is a divine conception brought to you by the...

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  • Gemma Bloom Bold Amethyst Fashion Necklace (SN14101)

    An elegant way to add a gorgeous pop of color to any ensemble, this amethyst droplet necklace is guaranteed to take her breath away. The stunning amethyst gemstone is cradled tenderly in an angelic crescent engraved silver bloom, held in place by a...

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  • Gemma Bloom Amethyst Fashion Necklace (SN14001)

    The perfect balance of sophistication and singularity, this sole precious amethyst necklace is otherworldly in design. An unforgettable pendant, the regal gemstone floats in a crescent engraved silver bloom, creating a mysterious juxtaposition of beauty...

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  • Crescent Crown Petite Amethyst Fashion Ring (SR22801)

    Express yourself through your individualistic, artistic, and flirty sense of style with the vivacious and pulsating Tacori Crescent Crown cocktail ring. The purple amethyst featured on this Tacori ring emits a fun and exciting aesthetic with its bright...

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