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Yehuda Diamonds are totally natural and come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds.

Yehuda Diamonds are totally natural and come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds. Under extraordinary pressure, the Yehuda clarity enhancement process inserts microscopic amount of a colorless, stable material into the diamond’s feather. Following the Yehuda treatment, when light travels into the diamond, it passes through the feather and the diamond looks clear and beautiful.

Get a Bigger, Brighter Diamond

Studying the Octahedron

1: Studying the Octahedron

Every diamond crystal that comes from the mine must be studied by an expert to maximize the size and beauty of the finished stone. One possibility would be sawing the octahedron in half, in order to manufacture two equal size diamonds.

Splitting the Diamond

2: Splitting the Diamond

Since Yehuda’s proprietary process allows for certain types of inclusions to remain invisible, they are able to cut a much larger diamond than any other company. All of that extra size, weight and beauty are yours at no extra cost.

Inclusions & Polishing

3: Inclusions & Polishing

A typical diamond cutter is forced to cut the diamond so that the inclusion doesn’t appear. Yehuda is able to incorporate the natural inclusion within the finished diamond by making it invisible to the naked eye, resulting in a much larger diamond.

Polished Diamond

4: Polished Diamond

A diamond cutter determines what shape will be the best one to create the largest possible polished diamond from a given piece of rough diamond. The Yehuda process helps maximize the size. Larger diamond and less cost with superior clarity and color.

Yehuda Invention

5: Yehuda Invention

Yehuda inserts a microscopic amount of a proprietary substance into the inclusion, making it completely invisible to the naked eye. This unique material has the same optical properties as the diamond, so that light can now pass through the inclusion.