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Our Diamonds

No engagement ring would be complete without its centerpiece -- the diamond! Icing On The Ring has reinvented the process of viewing diamonds in an effort to make your experience both enlightening and enjoyable. You'll understand how every diamond is different from the next, why some are more valuable than others, and why some are more beautiful. You'll even learn to use professional grading tools in our private viewing rooms, to which you'll be guided to comfortably view and compare loose diamonds. Have a specific type of diamond in mind? We can have a selection of diamonds within your parameters to view, with no obligation, within one day.

Certification: Your Assurance Authenticity

All Icing On The Ring certified diamonds have been graded by either the Gemological Institute of America or the European Gemological Laboratory. Certified diamonds allow you to compare one diamond of a particular weight and grade with other diamonds of similar weight and grade. The report is your assurance that the diamond is independently recognized as possessing all the measurable, quantifiable aspects of the 4 C's. Each of the four characteristics is measured separately, but it is the manner in which Mother Nature has combined them within each diamond that establishes its true beauty, rarity, and comparative value.

GIA, also known as the Gemological Institute of America, is the most widely recognized gemological laboratory when it comes to diamond grading reports. GIA originated the color and clarity grading system, and their interpretations of color and clarity grades are most widely accepted as the most reliable among diamond professionals.