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Icing On The Ring has reinvented the diamond presentation process to empower you with information, confidence, and choice. You're invited to step out of our showroom and into your own private viewing room. With the guidance of a Certified Gemologist, you will use modern instruments and aids, which provide the best opportunity to compare loose diamonds.

Advantages of Natural Light

Advantages of Natural Light

There is one feature our private viewing rooms offer that even all the tools and instruments lack... "Natural Light Viewing Experience". You see, we intentionally designed our viewing rooms to include a window so that natural light is not blocked. This way, instead of having to imagine what your diamond might look like under natural lighting on a daily basis, you get to see it first hand before making a decision.

Certified GIA Gemologists

Whether visiting a retail jewelry store or a swap meet jewelry booth, you want to rest assured you're being assisted by an accredited professional. Our gemologists are accredited GIA Diamond Graduates who will guide you through the 4 C's. By helping you with what to look for when comparing diamonds, you will learn all you need to know about diamonds before making the big commitment.



Gemologist Instruments

In each of our viewing rooms, you’ll find:

  • A digital carat scale, to measure and verify carat weight
  • A white grading tray, on which the diamonds may be compared for  color differences
  • A laboratory light that bleaches out all color except for the actual color  of your diamond
  • A gemscope to study the characteristics and depth of the diamond  under 10x magnification
  • A Brilliance Scope to analyze the brilliance, dispersion, and sparkle