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Tacori Classic Crescent Rose Gold Engagement Ring (2645PR551/2PK)

The eye-catching center diamond is supported by a foundation graced with brilliant round diamonds and the Tacori signature crescent motif.


This exquisite princess-cut Tacori Classic Crescent engagement ring is a precious reminder of your commitment, fashioned in 18k rose gold. The gently curving band, designed with diamonds and light radiating through the windows of open twists and turns, exemplifies your deep connected bond. The eye-catching center diamond is supported by a foundation graced with brilliant round diamonds and the Tacori signature crescent motif.

Center Diamond Shape:
Center Diamond Carat Weight:
Metal Type:
18K Rose Gold
Available Ring Size:
Average Ring Width:
Total Carat Weight:
Average Color Grade:
Average Clarity Grade:
Price Text:
Does not include center stone
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Classic Crescent
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GIA-Certified Diamonds

GIA, also known as the Gemological Institute of America, is the most widely recognized gemological laboratory when it comes to diamond grading reports. GIA originated the color and clarity grading system, and their interpretations of color and clarity grades are most widely accepted as the most reliable among diamond professionals.

Yehuda Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds

Yehuda clarity-enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds mined from the earth just like any other diamond. They contain natural inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. The Yehuda Diamond Company then enhances these diamonds with a microscopic laser, using their own patented formula to cover the inclusions. Because the material used for the enhancement has the same optical characteristics as the diamond, light passes straight through the inclusion making it invisible to the eye. The treatment is so microscopic that it adds zero weight to the diamond.
Yehuda clarity-enhanced diamonds are not imitation, synthetic, or simulated diamonds. Yehuda enhancements were created in 1982 and, according to GIA, have proven to be stable and permanent under all conditions of normal wear. Some other clarity-enhanced diamonds fade in sunlight; Yehuda diamonds will not fade or darken with exposure to sunlight.

Because Yehuda diamonds once contained visible inclusions, they are priced up to 30% less than untreated diamonds of comparable size, color, and clarity allowing you to either save money or get a bigger diamond.
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Canadian-Mined Diamonds

Icing On The Ring offers Canadian diamonds that are certified to be sustainably-sourced and, like all of our diamonds, are guaranteed to be conflict-free. Responsibly mined and produced under strict supervision of the Canadian government, Canadian diamonds come with a GIA grading report, a Canadian Code of Conduct Certificate and a laser inscription of the report number and maple leaf or polar bear icon on the girdle. Canadian-mined diamonds are presented by appointment only. Please contact us before your visit.

Diamond Alternatives (Moissanite)

Icing On The Ring offers Moissanite as the best alternative to a diamond as far as appearance, durability, and sparkle, with a significantly lower price and unsurpassed fire and brilliance. They are near colorless, with a light-refracting property that is 2.4 times brighter than a diamond. Composed of carbon and silicon, the Moissanite crystal has a hardness that is second only to diamonds, making it extremely resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking.

Unlike other brilliant stones that cloud and dull with time, Moissanite is guaranteed to never lose its optical properties. Therefore, it will be every bit as beautiful, fiery, and brilliant generations from now as the day you purchase it. The gemstones were first discovered in 1904 at a meteorite crater in Arizona. Since 1998, a Moissanite's brilliance is created in a lab, so you can rest assured that your purchase is socially responsible.