Product Selection

Our Rings
By having our shop in our store premises, we have absolute control in the quality of our wedding rings. Our designs are highly modifiable, letting you work closely with our jewelers to create your perfect wedding ring. Unlike other stores, we don't believe in sizing a ring from our inventory to make it fit your finger. Excessive sizing increases the chance of losing side diamonds, not to mention weakening the strength of a ring. Any ring you purchase will be a fresh made-to order piece based on your finger size. Most rings can be produced with center stones of a different shape or size, as well as the addition (or deletion) of side diamonds or engraved accents.
• Custom Jewelry Designing provided by expert Master Designers
• All work done on premises, with absolute control in the quality of our product

Our Diamonds
As high-volume diamond dealers, we have a discriminating eye for premium and ideal cut diamonds. Supported by diamond cutting facilities in Belgium and Israel, our inventory consists of diamonds meeting our standards for cut and accuracy. In addition, we have a wide access to GIA and EGL-USA certified diamonds. Have a specific diamond in mind? We can have a selection of diamonds within your parameters to view, with no obligation, within one day!