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Lab Cultivated Diamonds

"Naturally occurring" diamonds are formed under high temperature and high pressure conditions, made from volcanic substances found deep within the earth's mantle. When harvesting diamonds in a laboratory, this natural process is emulated and accelerated in a controlled environment.

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The Process

  • 1. The manufacturing process starts by slicing a normal diamond into thin slivers, or "seeds".

  • 2. The seeds are then placed in a press machinery capable of creating perfect temperature and pressure conditions.

  • 3. After only a few weeks, the seeds have formed into larger diamonds — many of these are now ready to be refined and used for jewelry.

  • 4. Then the grown diamonds are refined, ending with a perfect duplicate of an earth-mined diamond, with the same properties.

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The evertrue product line offers some of the most beautiful and affordable lab-cultivated diamonds on the market. Our experts hand select each piece, critically assessing the quality and brilliance of every GIA-certified stone — leaving you with a product line comprised of only premium diamonds.

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