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GIA Certified Natural Mined Diamonds

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Why Icing On The Ring for your Natural Diamond?

100% Trade-Up’s

Get 100% of your diamond purchase price back toward a upgrade of the same type that is 50% more in value.

Lifetime Warranty

Your Icing On The Ring purchase is protected by our lifetime warranty. We cover all defects due to workmanship.

Annual Refurbishing

We will resurface and re-polish your jewelry at no cost to you annually! It’s our way of thanking you for letting us be your jeweler.

What Does it Mean if a Diamond is GIA Certified?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) created their industry-defining “Four C's”: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight, which make up the GIA diamond quality guide to ensure that diamonds are graded without bias. At Icing On The Ring, all of our natural mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds are GIA certified that come with their individual certificate from GIA. It is our top priority to serve our customers with full transparency when it comes to their diamonds and jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which diamond cut sparkles the most?

Every diamond has a unique sparkle, or brilliance, no matter the shape depending on quality. Generally, a round brilliant diamond shows the most sparkle, which is exactly why it’s been the top choice for years!

Which diamond cut looks biggest?

Any elongated shape will cover more surface area at a smaller carat weight. Oval and emerald cut diamonds are most popular, but marquise, pear, and elongated cushion-shaped diamonds are also great options.

What clarity diamond is best value?

SI1 and SI2 clarity grades present the best value since any flaws are virtually invisible to the naked eye. Higher clarity grades don’t offer a big difference in visual gratification, so these grades will be a bigger bang for your buck.

What causes diamonds to sparkle?

Light enters a diamond and reflects off its facets, or interior surface. When the light leaves the diamond, it either reflects as white light, aka brightness, or can split into a spectrum of colors, aka fire.

See Why Icing On The Ring Customers Come to Us for Diamonds


I learned so much more about diamonds well beyond the 4 C's. Ani also tested my knowledge about diamonds by having me compare a few and guess their specs.

Laurel S.

Ara took us to his office and laid out a great selection of diamonds in my price range. He walked us through the different quality/clarity choices.

Ben B.

The process of learning about diamonds (the 4 Cs), settings, and selecting the perfect diamond and wedding set was nothing short of pleasurable.

Wade T.

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