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Over the last five decades, Icing On The Ring has evolved quite a bit. Since opening shop as the European Jewelry Company in 1969, we've expanded our showroom to accommodate changing customer tastes and preferences.

We've embraced the e-commerce revolution and moved away from the custom jewelry-only model — now offering an impressive selection of breathtaking bridal, anniversary, and fashion jewelry in store and online. Still, we remain committed to our mission.



Abgar Rupchian creates hand-crafted jewelry in Armenia.

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Abgar’s son Garo establishes European Jewelry Co. in Los Angeles.

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EJC is renamed Icing On The Ring, now a family-operated business.

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Icing On The Ring continues to serve happy customers in-store and online.

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Family Owned & Operated

In 1963, while operating a bustling jewelry manufacturing facility in the state capital of Armenia, Abgar Rupchian's son, Garo, started practicing as a jeweler’s apprentice at age 16. Surrounded by seasoned jewelers, Garo acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in the art of making hand-crafted jewelry. By 1969, two years after emigrating to the U.S.A., in pursuit of the American Dream, Garo opens his own custom jewelry store, European Jewelry Company, in the Los Angeles Jewelry District. With an emphasis on custom jewelry, friendly service, and competitive prices, the company quickly became a favorite among boutique jewelry stores who were looking to commission a jeweler for one-of-a-kind jewelry projects.

The years progressed and European Jewelry Co. grew with a loyal base of customers looking for a trusted jewelry store in the Los Angeles Jewelry District. With the store’s reputation based on the production of high-quality diamond rings and near-wholesale prices, Garo's son, Vic, joined the family business in 1996 as a jeweler’s apprentice. Continuously learning from the veteran skillset of his father, he helped Garo grow the family business.

With a shift in emphasis to bridal jewelry, European Jewelry Co. was reinvented as Icing On The Ring in 2005. The new name also brought an expanded staff of jewelers, Gemologists, and a larger showroom remodeled in contemporary fashion. The revamped collection of engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings, and gift items proved to be popular among bridal couples. Today, we continue to serve couples with the same level of service that has made us so successful. Now offering products both in-store and through our website, we take pride in being a part of one of the happiest moments in a couples' lives. Our duty is to make your shopping experience as pleasant, fun, and smooth as possible.

It was true back in '69 and still is today —

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