A Guide to Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Jun 8th 2022

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: How to Choose the Perfect One

There’s no better feeling than finding an engagement ring that you immediately connect with, especially one that perfectly represents everything about your love. Besides the usual classic shapes, like oval and round stones, a new shape has been popping up in the last few years; a pear shaped stone. Also known as a “tear-drop” diamond, pear shaped stones are quickly becoming a classic in the engagement ring world.

Effortlessly elegant no matter the carat count or setting, a pear shaped engagement ring has something any future bride will fall head over heels for (just like you did for each other).


There’s a reason why the pear shape has become an increasingly popular choice for lovers around the world- not only are celebs like Kaley Cuoco and Cardi B sporting it, but we’re seeing more and more customers seek out this shape every day. And it’s not hard to understand why- the sparkle, quality and class of this sparkling shape is like no other. If this is the ring you and your love are considering, you’re in luck. This guide will help anyone who needs an extra bit of expert advice to choose the perfect ring. 

Icing On The Ring has a number of pear shaped rings to choose from, or you can design your own custom ring for extra specialty.


As with all engagement rings, there are certain considerations to take into account before making a final decision. We’ve listed some tips and important factors to take into account when selecting this particular ring shape.

Before You Start: Get Familiar with the Anatomy

The anatomy of a pear shaped diamond is different from traditional round shapes, but a simple one once understood. The rounded end of the stone (located at either the top or bottom, depending on which way you prefer to face the ring) is called the head, with the widest part of the ring’s body called the belly. The long sides of the stone are labeled as the wings, and the very tip is called the point. It’s important to know each part of this stone so you can detect any imperfections when going about your search. 

Tips & Important Factors
Pear Shaped Symmetry

As with other uniquely shaped diamonds, an important part in choosing the right pear stone is checking its symmetry. To make sure there’s no asymmetry, start by picturing an imaginary vertical line down the middle. If both sides seem uneven, the stone may not present as well as with a more symmetrical stone. You want a stone that looks flawless to the naked eye, so symmetry is key when it comes to choosing a fancy stone shape like pear.              


Up or Down?

One thing that sets a pear shaped engagement ring apart from others is the versatility of the stone. Due to the differentiating ends, you or your fiance has the option to wear its pointed end either north facing or south facing. The choice is yours; we have seen customers represent the ring both ways - and both look equally beautiful. 


Simple or Lavish?

A pear shaped engagement ring is simple yet stunning all on its own. However, the great thing about a pear shaped engagement ring is that you can choose the band to be simple and chic, or lavish and elaborate. Choose from a stunning band in the metal of your choice, where the pear shaped diamond is the star of the show. If your future bride is a bit more adventurous, a band full of pavé set diamonds will be the perfect addition to the center diamond. Whether she prefers a solitaire diamond or a halo set diamond, you can be sure that the ring design you choose for her will be the one she stares at constantly!


I’m With The Band

A wedding band is the symbol of everlasting love. Wedding bands are another great way to accentuate your personality! Pear shaped engagement rings look great with a wide variety of wedding bands! A simple band in the metal of your choice will truly let the diamond stand out on its own. Wedding bands with tapered edges encompass the pear shaped engagement ring, leaving you with a stunning piece on your finger that you will definitely want to show off! Nesting bands are also a popular band for pear shaped engagement rings, as the band elegantly wraps around the center diamond. 


No matter how you choose to wear or design your pear engagement ring, Icing On The Ring has the perfect one for you! 

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