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Oct 5th 2023

Engagement Rings Through The Decades: A Fascinating Journey Through 1920s - 1960s

Your engagement ring is much more than the symbol of the love and commitment that you have for each other; it also reflects your personal style and the era you adore! The world of engagement ring design is always evolving over the years and each decade has its unique style and trends. Follow Icing On The Ring on a journey through time to explore unique engagement rings inspired through the decades, from the 1920s to the 1960s.

1920s Engagement Rings: 

The 1920s, which was also known as the “Roaring Twenties” by some, was a time of exuberance and a fun time to be alive! This decade is also characterized by the beginning of the Art Deco, which highly influenced and inspired engagement ring designs at the time. Art Deco engagement rings often feature a center diamond or center gemstone with multiple diamonds along the band with milgrain borders. This stunning Gabriel NY white gold engagement ring with brilliant pavé-set diamonds (pictured: 1 ct.), available at Icing On The Ring, combines the timeless details of traditional Art Deco engagement ring styles.

1930s Engagement Rings: 

Vintage style engagement rings inspired by the 1930’s era is one of our most requested styles. This period of history is characterized by the Art Deco and the Great Depression; society and economy were going through changes and so did the world of jewelry design. Vintage engagement ring styles from this era feature more creative geometric designs or engraved motifs with clusters of diamonds to give an illusion of more bling. This sparkling halo pavé engagement ring with a cushion shaped center stone (pictured: 1 ct.) and magnificent floral vine design on the band and inner face of the ring is a beauty from every angle. A perfect choice for a vintage engagement ring!

1940s Engagement Rings: 

The 1940’s were marked by World Word II and shortages also affected the jewelry industry, which greatly influenced the design of jewelry at the time. The goal was to do more with less! Engagement ring styles inspired from this decade are a great fit for the Minimalist Bride-to-Be who prefers a minimal and simple ring like this elegant Simply Tacori Solitaire Engagement Ring that features a 7mm round Moissanite (pictured). What is there not to love about this timeless vintage engagement ring with a simple setting to embrace a small center stone?

1950s Engagement Rings: 

During this decade, the war was over and the economy was flourishing, which was reflected in the design and style of jewelry from this period of time. Engagement rings inspired by the 1950s are popular today for their delicate settings and larger stones. This iconic crafted three-stone 14k white gold engagement ring features diamond baguettes on each side which complement with a round center (pictured: 2.00 ct.). A perfect choice for a unique engagement ring to say “YES!” to.

1960s Engagement Rings: 

Last but not least, 1960’s vintage-inspired engagement rings often feature bold and extravagant designs with fancy shapes, and are inspired by the Art Deco era. Consider popping the question with this Tacori RoyalT engagement ring, with a round center diamond and two mesmerizing cadillac-cut diamonds on each side. THE perfect choice to send butterflies all throughout the body of the queen of your castle!

We hope that this journey through the decades with our selection of rings helped you decide which vintage engagement ring style will best represent your own journey together as a couple. A proposal is a special moment that you will remember forever. Make it even more special with Icing On The Ring by scheduling your visit with one of our trusted advisors!

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