Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Jul 12th 2022

One of the most important decisions when engagement ring shopping is choosing your diamond shape. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, and just like everything, styles tend to become fashionable or trendy at various times in history.

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The currently trending diamond shapes are round, cushion, princess, emerald (Thanks J-Lo!), radiant, pear, and oval  While there are other cuts available, these popular cuts are widely sought after, and so diamonds with these cuts often flood the market. Here are some advantages to each option so you can choose one that fits your style!

The Round Diamond

The classic round diamond is the most popular style of a diamond engagement ring, accentuating the beauty of the diamond from all angles. This cut enhances the size of the diamond and makes it appear larger than it actually is. This is a clean and classic shape, a beautiful choice for any bride.


The Cushion Diamond

The cushion cut diamond is also known for its alternative name, the pillow cut. This cut is best utilized on larger sized diamonds because it offers a rectangular shape with softer rounded edges. It’s a popular vintage style that has captured the hearts of women for centuries and still finds itself loved to this day.


The Princess Cut

One of the most exquisite diamond cuts is the princess cut, a square shape with many facets. When executed by a master jeweler, the shape perfectly captures the light, creating a very bright and sparkly diamond. Truly a jewel made for royalty.


The Emerald Diamond

The emerald cut diamond is rectangular in shape with a larger flat surface, allowing the true beauty to be captivated and admired. This cut is best used on mid to large sized diamond to create a spectacular and flawless looking jewel.


The Radiant Diamond

Radiant cut diamonds are versatile enough to be a rounded shape or more precise like a rectangle. This diamond nestles perfectly into its setting and the cuts will sparkle as it catches the light. This diamond will stand out on anyone’s hand.


The Pear Diamond

Pear cut diamonds are a stunning way to display your love. The facets of this dreamy shape help to display a clean and bright diamond. A pear shaped diamond ring will look fabulous in any setting, and will always remain a classic.


The Oval Diamond

A classic shape for a reason, oval diamonds pair great with any setting and will be the star of the show. There’s ample options of oval ring styles to choose from; they can be set as a simple solitaire or have a stunning hidden halo full of pave diamonds. No matter what style you choose, an oval diamond is one that will stand out on any hand forever.


The best way to find out what diamond shape you like and what looks best is to come and see and try them on in person. Visit us here at Icing on the Ring, located in the historic Los Angeles Jewelry district, to see the variety of diamond shapes we have.

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