What Is a Temporary Engagement Ring?

Jan 3rd 2023

Solitaires, moissanites, halos, oh my! The process of choosing an engagement ring for the one you love can be a daunting task with so many options available. There are so many ways to customize one certain ring that by the time you’re ready to propose, you may not even know where to begin! For those who would rather propose and have her pick out her dream ring after, you’re not alone. A number of our customers at Icing On The Ring have used our idea of an “imitation” or “mock” engagement ring to propose to keep the element of surprise and later pick out the exact ring just as she would like. We’ll cover our tried and true temporary engagement ring process so you can have a stress free proposal and focus on the moment she’s sure to remember forever.


Our Process

We make the process of proposing with a mock engagement ring easy. We recommend first figuring out an engagement ring budget that works for you to make the beginning of this process easier. With the budget you have in mind, you can select the best suiting center gemstone, as that’s the main cost of an engagement ring. We have a vast collection of GIA certified diamonds, moissanites, and lab-cultivated diamonds to choose from for your ring’s center gemstone. Our experts will then take your choosen center gemstone and mount it into a “temporary solitaire.” This ring is a simple four-prong white gold solitaire setting that will be sized to her finger (if you know her size) that costs around $450. While it may not be the exact ring design she wants for her proposal, we believe it’s more about the moment of surprise rather than what the ring looks like.


After She Says Yes 

After she says yes to your marriage proposal and puts on her temporary engagement ring, you can then let her know she can visit icing On The Ring to pick a more desired design setting to her taste if she’d like. If she’s happy with the solitaire setting that’s been selected for the moment, even better! However, it is common for brides to come back for a ring upgrade or to customize the one they’ve received a little more. Whether she decides to re-visit designs for her preference of a classic setting or a stunning Tacori design, she’ll be sure to create a ring that she’ll love forever. 


Trust that no matter what kind of ring your future bride is looking for, our Icing On The Ring experts will be more than happy to help your engagement ring search. Visit our showroom today or schedule a visit to see all of our premium gemstones and rings! 

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