Why Choose a Rose Gold Ring?

Dec 15th 2022

Rose gold has risen in popularity within the past few years. Everything comes in rose gold now: cell phones, earrings and even wedding rings! Rose gold is such a popular color pattern for weddings nowadays, and you can even match your wedding rings to the lovely, dainty colors of your wedding.


What Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold gets its color from adding copper alloys to yellow gold. Despite its rarity, it is more affordable than platinum. Rose gold is believed to be the strongest of all of the gold variants, making it durable and long lasting. If you are a bride looking for a romantic and unique engagement ring or wedding band that will last as long as your love, rose gold is the perfect metal to choose.

A higher karat rose gold will have more gold in it and therefore look slightly less pink than a 14k rose gold. View our extensive collection of beautiful 18k rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands to see the difference for yourself.


Why We Love Rose Gold

Here at Icing On The Ring, our rose gold is one of the warmest metal tones we offer. It compliments any skin tone and will pair beautifully with any other type of metal. The mixing and matching of metals is wildly popular, and rose gold adds a pop of color to your dazzling engagement ring. Your friends and family will be in awe over your rose gold rings, and you can feel confident showing them off! Between the ability to match any metal and the durability and the sheer stunningness of the metal, rose gold is a great choice for any ring!


Modern Vintage Charm

Rose gold was extremely popular in the 1920s, when platinum use was only allowed for the military. And up until recently, it had fallen out of popular fashion. It took until the 21st century for rose gold to come back into trend, as jewelry lovers looked for more colorful options to incorporate into their everyday jewelry.

The rise of rose gold can be attributed to recent styles that combine romance and femininity with modern traditionalism. It’s a vintage throwback that has been revived for today’s retro-appreciative consumer- chic, cool, calming and strikingly different.

Our Rose Gold Love Pinterest board has plenty of great examples of recent rose gold trends in fashion and weddings.


Rose Gold Engagement Rings

As rose gold jewelry styles make their way back into popularity, more brides are choosing rose gold engagement rings to set their rings apart from the more classic gold or platinum foundations.

Different gemstones lend themselves nicely to rose gold metals. Besides diamonds, morganite is a gem often chosen for rose gold jewelry because it accentuates the pink metal for a stunning, all-around blushy look.

Rose gold engagement rings can have a variety of different settings! From oval to round settings, pavé diamonds or even hidden halos, rose gold engagement rings can be chosen based on her preferences or personality. Classic and timeless, a simple 18k band will allow the diamond to stand out on its own. If her personality is more bold and extravagant, a rose gold band with a hidden halo will be perfect for her!


Seal Your Love With Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Rose gold wedding bands are not only for women, they’re for men as well! These stunning wedding bands can be simple with a classic brushed finish or include a row of diamonds around the outside. Because rose gold compliments any skin type so well, it will look great on both men and women! You can match your wedding band with your new spouse, tying your love together forever. If stackable rings are more your style, a rose gold stackable will compliment your diamond perfectly! If you prefer to have your diamond as the main focus, stackable rose gold wedding bands on either side of your diamond will put all the focus on your diamond!

Rose gold is here to stay! The growing popularity of this gorgeous metal is popping up everywhere, and it looks gorgeous on everyone. Not only will your rose gold ring match your skin tone, it will match whatever you wear! The Tacori 18k rose gold bands will enhance your diamond, and will even look stunning all on its own. Celebrate your marriage with a wedding band that will bring a happy tear to anyone’s eye. 


Interested in beautiful rose gold options for your engagement ring? Explore our selection or make an appointment at our Downtown Los Angeles location!

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