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Behind the Tacori Majesty

Sep 27th 2019

With an influx of demand for finding the perfect ring and multiple competitors within the market, searching for an engagement ring can be overwhelming. Tacori shines brighter than the rest with their commitment to service and recognizing what is timeless and modern.

Attention to Detail

The term “quality” and Tacori are synonymous when it comes to crafting engagement ring settings. Each Tacori ring is fashioned with a Tacori embossment within the inner band, establishing that these pieces were designed with attention to detail. With a variety of collections, Tacori is well-versed to catering to every type of customer, ensuring that there is something for everybody.

Source: TACORI

From white gold vs. yellow gold to diamond prong setting types, the Tacori options will have you asking yourself; how do I order a wedding ring?

Source: TACORI

Trusting the Process

While Tacori’s designs are simply a creative masterpiece, the processes for manufacturing a Tacori ring are concise, not automated, and crafted right here in California.

1. Designing

Ring styles are imagined from basket to resting point to fit into the many Tacori collections. Constructed for a range of diamond cut types, Tacori designs cater to all.

Source: TACORI

2. Molding

The casting process utilizes a 3D mold for inserting precious metals. Each mold follows a similar setting based on the jewelry design. Perfecting the precious metals into the mold while keeping the luster and shine is an art.

Source: TACORI

3. Adding Gems

Expert gemologists procure only the best of gems and stones adding them by hand onto the mounts before a final buffering step to secure shine. Being well-versed in the diamond quality guide will determine the best diamond for the foundation of the ring.

Source: TACORI

A Tale as Old as Time

While Tacori is responsible for manufacturing exquisite engagement ring settings – keep these following notes in mind to take care of your Tacori engagement ring:

  • Sleeping with your engagement ring on is not encouraged. There is a high probability of the stones loosening while you sleep.
  • Take your engagement ring off before you shower. Losing an engagement ring down the drain is a nightmare all too familiar with brides.
  • As for the rest, Tacori understands servicing as a routine step in taking care of your engagement ring. All free sizing, touch-ups, and refurbishing can be handled by Tacori and comes guaranteed with your purchase.

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