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Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry

Explore the richness of color and texture in the unique design of out fashion jewelry collections.


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The Bloom Collection

Complete the look with a matching set. Diamond or moissanite pendants and earrings are the perfect addition to any Tacori ring and make perfect wedding party gifts.

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The Encore Collection

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  • Crescent Embrace Petite Neo-Turquoise Fashion Bracelet (SB16705)

    A dainty sparkle of vibrancy perfectly permitted into your wardrobe is exactly what you need to rejuvenate what you already have. The jewelry experts at Tacori have artfully mastered the less is more ideal into their pieces effortlessly. The Crescent...

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  • Crescent Embrace London Blue Topaz Fashion Bracelet (SB22333)

    There is a sophistication that comes embodied with adorning the divine color of a deep blue. The unique diamond shape of the London blue topaz is precious beyond belief. The complexity of the color along with the graceful elegance of the sharp cut is...

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  • Crescent Embrace Petite London Blue Topaz Fashion Bracelet (SB16733)

    This Tacori Crescent Embrace bracelet is a treat well-deserved by yourself to yourself. The London blue topaz is striking in its unique color and symbolizes a celestial sophistication and nimble elegance. The properties of such an exclusive gemstone are...

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  • Crescent Embrace Sky Blue Topaz Fashion Bracelet (SB22302)

    As if cut from the celestial sphere itself, this cushion-cut sky blue topaz gemstone is a slight whisper of heaven on earth. A delicate strand of silver chain meets the bracelet's sweet bezel embrace of the jewel. Decorated with refined milgrain details...

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  • Gemma Bloom Three-Stone Sky Blue Topaz Fashion Necklace (SN14502)

    The Gemma Bloom collection creates subtle silhouettes to awe and dazzle onlookers. The three gemstones in their own silver milgrain engraved rings are reminiscent of supple drops of dew. The cushion-shaped sky blue topaz gemstones are cut in three...

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  • Crescent Embrace Petite Sky Blue Topaz Fashion Bracelet (SB16702)

    The Tacori Crescent Embrace bracelets can be utilized as either one solid statement piece or pulled together with more bracelets to provide an eclectic and modern look.  The sky blue topaz is encased in a durable bezel setting to ensure the...

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  • Crescent Embrace Rose Amethyst Fashion Bracelet (SB22313)

    This stunning cushion-cut rose amethyst bracelet is a delicate and timeless addition to any jewelry collection. A graceful silver chain meets the dazzling beauty of the light purple gemstone, held in a silver bezel embrace adorned with elegant crescent...

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  • Crescent Embrace Petite Rose Amethyst Fashion Bracelet (SB16713)

    Perfect for a woman who is playful in her demeanor and looking to have a little fun with her sense of style, this artistic Tacori bracelet is brilliant for just that! The purple rose amethyst featured on this Tacori bracelet exemplifies lively modernity...

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  • Crescent Embrace Amethyst Fashion Bracelet (SB22301)

    The small, diamond-shaped gemstone feature on this Crescent Embrace bracelet is what makes this a timeless heirloom meant to withstand the test of time. Chiseled onto a flawless silver chain destined to endure the longevity of every-day wear with its...

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  • Crescent Embrace Petite Amethyst Fashion Bracelet (SB16701)

    This dainty amethyst chain bracelet is the perfect gift for the transition from winter to spring. Bright and full of hope, the beautiful amethyst gemstone is encompassed by intricate milgrain details, which rests elegantly along a thin sophisticated...

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  • Crescent Embrace London Blue Topaz Fashion Bracelet (SB16633)

    Bracelets are making a modern comeback in the realm of the Los Angeles Jewelry District. These small accessories are bound to make loud, bold statements curated especially to adorn your wrist. This Tacori Crescent Embrace bracelet is constructed on a...

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  • Crescent Embrace Rose Amethyst Fashion Bracelet (SB16613)

    The power of femininity conforming itself to the soft facets of jewelry is what this Tacori Crescent Embrace bracelet is about. The enrapturing, subdued rose amethyst dangles delicately on the cusp of this fashion bracelet. The pale hue of the floral...

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